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3 Carver yachts reveal their distinct designs approaching Trent-Severn Waterway lock, Burleigh Falls.

Copyright and Design Rights represent valuable and effective protection. Copyright subsists across the spectrum of creative activities and spans the economy and culture of a country. Design Rights give broader protection akin to patent protection to the styling of useful articles, since copying or substantial copying don't come to bear on the question of infringement; rather, an independent creation can violate a design registration. Let us assist you in acquiring enhanced copyright protection or, where possible, design registration. Your enquiries are welcome. Our services include:


  • registration and enforcement of copyright as may be available in respect of all types of artistic, literary, dramatic, and musical works.

  • counselling as to the scope of copyright protection and the rights of others as well as related moral rights and neighbouring rights.

Industrial Design Registrations (Design Patents)

  • assessment of industrial design registration availability, preparation and prosecution of applications for registration, and enforcement.

  • counselling in respect of the scope of industrial design protection of others.

Photo credit: Greg Ludlow