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As an expert boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property (IP) law & advocacy and related issues, LUDLOWLAW helps enterprises identify, secure, maintain and enforce suitable legal protection for their innovations, while also assisting them with the commercial exploitation of such innovations throughout the world.

The professionals of LUDLOWLAW recognize the potent value of innovation enhanced by patent or design protection, the terrific power of branding to develop and align expectations behind the brand experience, and the vitality of copyright and moral right protection for creative works to encourage and reward authors. Their expertise and experience covers the length, depth and breadth of IP, while extending to related issues in contexts as diverse as information technology, privacy, bankruptcy, corporate takeovers, various venture capital investing, public offerings, shareholder disputes, advertising, contests, employment, matrimonial and inheritance disputes involving IP, libel and slander, competition law, copyright collectives.

LUDLOWLAW serves direct clients as well as professional associates requiring intellectual property expertise for their clients, either as counsel or directly, while respecting referrals. They have served various clients renowned around the world, across many diverse, economic sectors such as such as automotive, motorcycle and ATV manufacture, software creators, industrial equipment manufacturers, natural resource enterprises, building construction products manufacturers, insurance organizations, fashion designers, food and beverage producers, pharmaceutical originators, health, beauty and hair care innovators, major filmmakers, major league sports organizations, renowned sports equipment makers, pioneering conceptual artists, renowned entertainment houses, creators of cherished fanciful characters, and video game developers.

LUDLOWLAW's practice involves representation with respect to Canadian and Ontario law before all Canadian Courts, particularly Courts of Ontario, the Federal Court of Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada and before the Registrar of Trade Marks, the Registrar of Copyright, the Registrar of Industrial Designs and their associated tribunals. Representation before the Commissioner of Patents of Canada is by way of collaboration with the patent agency firm of Perry + Currier Inc. LUDLOWLAW's service extends around the world via its network of foreign associates. LUDLOWLAW also provides arbitration services both as arbitrators and counsel for arbitrations. Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company, (LawPRO), the professional insurer of Ontario lawyers has approved both Gregory C. Ludlow and David Allsebrook to represent it and those it insures in professional liability cases involving intellectual property.