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Challenger jet beside the only aircraft built specifically for aerial firefighting, Bombardier's 415 amphibious water bomber.

Patents protect the stuff of progress, whether little or great, simple improvement or pioneering technology; the ingenuity that powers humankind's quest for fuller and better lives. For a client who has already made the decision to prepare and file a patent application in its originating country, filing a corresponding patent application in Canada offers a tremendous value for a small incremental cost.

Trade Secrets, know-how and confidential information constitute potentially very important tools for business enterprises.

Let us assist you in acquiring patent protection and protecting your trade secrets and, if necessary, enforcing your rights under patents. Your enquiries are welcome. Our services include:

  • advising as to the patentability of inventions, arranging the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, both in Canada through the patent agency firm of Perry+Currier Inc. and in other countries through our foreign associates.

  • counselling on questions of validity and infringement of patents and appropriate enforcement of patents by litigation.

  • counselling in respect of the protection of trade secrets and the implementation of procedures and systems to protect trade secrets from disclosure and to avoid claims of misappropriation by others.

  • We counsel both employers and employees on their respective rights in and to intellectual property and related rights.

Photo credit: Greg Ludlow